Use Case

The Civi webform integration supports creating activities as part of the webform submission. There’s an option in the activity tab to “include entire webform submission in activity details”. This takes a snapshot of the form data and saves it to the activity. It does this correctly with the logged in user contact fields and with the activity fields, but not with additional contacts.

Steps to replicate the issue 

  1. Create a webform, enable civicrm and indicate it will have two contacts and an activity.
  2. Contact 1 will be the individual submitting the form. Add first name and last name.
  3. Contact 2 will be the organisation employer. Add the org name and some address fields for the org.
  4. Setup the activity and click the option to store details.
  5. Submit the form and view the resulting activity.


The fix introduces a setting called “Submit disabled field value(s)” for additional contacts which when ticked, pushes the field values from disabled field to webform submissions hence capturing snapshot in Civi as well(if posting to Civi activity details is enabled). Webform civi integration module doesn’t seem to send disabled field values for additional contacts hence this setting appears specifically for them.

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