CiviCRM for Gmail - GSuite Integration

CiviCRM for Gmail - GSuite Integration

by deepak

Posted on November 15, 2019 16:11 PM

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CiviCRM for Gmail allows you to manage your constituents and their details directly from Gmail. It’s like a Mini CRM in your inbox. It makes it effortless to save your constituent’s and their details into your CiviCRM without having to switch back and forth between your inbox and CRM.

CiviCRM for Gmail shows you a constituent profile immediately upon opening an email from the constituent. Instantly view or create constituent’s information or create activities without opening CiviCRM.



Once addon is installed and authorized, the addon requires configuring the CiviCRM REST connection settings.



1. REST Base URL

This is your Civi REST url for your install. The REST interface examples can also be found in the API Explorer as with the AJAX interface. 

Example REST base url for a wordpress install:



The REST interface requires an api_key which is attached to the user that will be performing the action against the system, like contact create, activity create etc.

There must also be a user account in the relevant content management system for the user associated with the API Key. The main reason for this is that the REST interface unlike the AJAX interface is designed for being accessed from an external site.

Example of API key: 22e4fd8ca6cef0a83755d4e7e4f1dde6


3. SITE Key

In addition to api_key REST interface also requires a site_key which is the key stored in civicrm.settings.php

Example site key: ba452bdad32ae0597e7b372e3a33c69a



For any bug reports please raise issue on our github extension - with any screenshots and error logs.

For any improvements or feature requests please contact us at